From a simple domestic single camera system right up to a remotely monitored fully functional pan, tilt & zoom system with multiple cameras, we will design a digital system that fully meets your exact requirements costing a lot less than you may think.

We only use high resolution professional equipment from leading manufacturers sourced through trusted suppliers. Cameras will typically be vandal resistant colour/monochrome and will provide high quality colour images during daytime, switching to black & white (monochrome) once natural light drops below a predetermined point. We will also use infra-red lighting where necessary and heated external housings for harsher environments. Our range of dome cameras provide discreet surveillance with flexibility.

The days of the VCR and changing tapes on a daily basis are now long gone whereby images are now recorded digitally onto a hard drive and can be accessed/backed up onto a CD or similar storage device. The internet now allows you to view your CCTV system virtually from any location in the world.

We offer free connection to remotely view your CCTV system over the internet anywhere in the world.

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